Project Management Website

Manage complex project involving several agencies to co-ordinate efforts. Replace paper work by the electronic documents available 24/7 on web. Improving efficiency throughout government organizations has always been a persistent challenge in providing greater coordination of actions and improving services supporting the communities they serve. Availability of the status of all agencies facilitates rapid flow of information and improves synchronization between agencies involved in the project. With the introduction of the Internet e-solutions have been recently adopted providing a common portal and medium for sharing information across government agencies.


  • Public can view the project related information.
  • Participants are given secured access to key features.
  • Meeting Minutes are documented and made available.
  • Project Related Documents are accessible all the time.
  • Project related presentations could be viewed any time.
  • Participants can announce their task status to keep other agencies informed.
  • Project Resources are made available in electronic for download.
  • Notices are posted
  • Budgeting information
  • QA/QC procedures to follow
  • Discussion Forums/ Message Boards
  • Log Maintenance
  • Projects Calendar of events
  • Contact list of all the agencies involved are maintained
  • The participants can send mails to the project contacts.
  • Any announcement or news can be broadcasted via email.


  • Automate some of the manual systems
  • Use of state of art technology
  • Avoid paper work
  • Ease of use
  • Better synchronization and coordination
  • Rapid flow of information
  • 24/7 access to project resources and information
  • Ease of share of information among participants and with public.
  • Event notifications.