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County Work Order Management System


County Work order Management system provides an effective solution by cataloging issues/complaints and actions into job requests and issuing work orders. Also, driving the scenarios through a transitional lifecycle progression tracking all aspects until resolution and completion is determined.

The system architecture is component based and can be separated by modules that facilitate the processing of separate government entities and customized to specific requirements. For example only using one feature Work Order processing and then later adding on the Job Request feature as the need arises.

Improving efficiency throughout government organizations has always been a persistent challenge in providing greater coordination of actions and improving services supporting the communities they serve.

The rapid pace of change and the complexity of business intelligence increase the importance of information accessibility and availability on demand.

The Work Order application is a robust set of tools designed to efficiently monitor the workflow activity and track outcomes of issues and actions.


  • Information Exchange Among Division Personnel
  • Electronically File Issues & Problems (reported by external parties, consultants, citizens, etc.)
  • Produce Job Requests Resulting from Issues & Problems
  • Escalate Issues/Problems and Request Work Orders
  • Electronic Tracking, Escalation and Execution of Events
  • Approve, Schedule, Assign, Track, Coordinate, Prioritize, Follow-up Essentials of Actions & Events
  • Catalog and Add Attachments to a Work Order
  • Attach Phases to a Work Order
  • Facilitate Coordination Amongst Work Order Participants
  • Automatic / Manual Close Feature for Work Order Completion Status
  • Work Order detail recognition referenced in the Work Identifier (indication of Month/Year/Section/Details attributes contained in the unique identification of the Work Order record)
  • View Work Orders Online with Search/Query Options


  • Automate and consolidate manual systems
  • Transform Legacy systems to state of art technology (e.g. browser based)
  • Apply Agency Business Rules Across all Channels
  • Avoid Data Redundancy
  • Reduce System Maintenance
  • Provide Interfaces with 3rd party Applications
  • Data Accessibility Across all Channels
  • Intuitive User Interface Presentation
  • Eliminate redundant paper trails transforming and enhancing institution policies and procedures with electronic capabilities
  • Central database repository
  • Enterprise wide System and Data accessibility/availability
  • 3rd party interface support
  • Streamline division internal support services improving exchange of information and data
  • Tightly integrate internal sub divisions enhancing communication and accountability aspects.
  • Provide capabilities and support to Generate Statistical and Decision Management Reporting on demand
  • Improvement on internal efficiencies including time/costs as well as enhancing overall customer service support.
RadGov RadGov's services has exceeded our expectations in terms of Quality, cost and schedules ----
Sue Biron
(Teachers Retirement Board, State of Connecticut)
RadGov We are extremely happy with the services provided by RadGov's team for our NEDP systems...the delivery was on time at a justified cost ----
James Manners
(Director-NEDP Program,State of Wisconsin)
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