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The Contingent Workforce Challenge


Many government and government contractors find that meeting diversity goals and managing to diversity programs pose real challenges. Developing a strategy requires managing a large number of suppliers, controlling agency and contractor maverick spending, addressing poor worker quality realized in high turnover and worker dissatisfaction, and eliminating inconsistencies in worker screening that increase legal and security risks. These challenges are examples of problems facing most public sector and contractor organizations today.

The diversity supplier base providing our nation’s contingent workforce is an ever increasing cornerstone of government administration’s ability to execute effective public service. Diversity mentoring initiatives and efficiency in utilizing these critical resources yields business flexibility and longer term strategic resource management. Unfortunately, execution of diversity programs can often experience inflated costs, increased legal and security exposure, and decreased productivity of the organization. In most organizations, the diversity contingent workforce represents tens of millions of dollars each year leaving large opportunities for savings and improvements to quality and process efficiency.

A Comprehensive Diversity Solution

RadGov and Comensura have developed RadGov MSP to help government and government contractor organizations better manage and utilize their diversity supplier resources. RadGov MSP is a comprehensive supplier Managed Service Provider (MSP) program that lowers costs, mitigates risks and improves efficiency in sourcing and managing your diversity supply chain.

RadGov MSP incorporates services and technology from Comensura, the leading provider of contingent workforce management services in the commercial industry, providing a comprehensive management and technology suite to address the ‘sourcing to settlement’ process for contingent labor staffing. For MWBE staffing suppliers, a full service Recruitment Management System from RadGov is provided to improve efficiency and quality for staffing management. As an integrated, single source offering, RadGov MSP provides unmatched service, support and quality.



  • Reduces the cost of the contingent workforce by 10-20%
  • Increases transparency and visibility to workforce spend
  • Increases visibility and accounts for the utilization of diversity (MWBE) suppliers
  • Improves diversity mentoring and support through enhanced application software
  • Improves the management and efficiency of the ‘sourcing to settlement’ process
  • Improves quality of suppliers and workers

Unique Value

Spend Transparency and Quality Analytics - Achieved through world class Vendor Management System (VMS) technology, the solution provides metrics to analyze quality and spend.

Reduced Costs of sourced labor (10-20%)

Process Visibility and Enforcement – The solution provides process visibility from ‘sourcing to settlement’ and enforcement of critical business rules and policies increasing compliance across the organization.

Improved Diversity Supplier Quality and Responsiveness– Achieved by providing the world’s first Diversity Supplier Recruiting Management System for MWBE suppliers who need recruiting, placement, billing and records management services.

A Single Point of Accountability – A single enterprise team will work with your organization to streamline and manage the processes associated with sourcing, management and administration of diversity spend and goal management.

Reduced Risk – The solution mitigates legal, operational, security and financial risks associated with acquiring and managing a contingent workforce.

For more information, please e-mail to:
RadGov RadGov's services has exceeded our expectations in terms of Quality, cost and schedules ----
Sue Biron
(Teachers Retirement Board, State of Connecticut)
RadGov We are extremely happy with the services provided by RadGov's team for our NEDP systems...the delivery was on time at a justified cost ----
James Manners
(Director-NEDP Program,State of Wisconsin)
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