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Bids Manangement System


Government Bid Management System is a browser-based solution to completely automate the bid publishing, monitoring process on the web. This application is also designed to notify the vendors who sign on to receive bid notification automatically. The agency can publish bids using browser and monitor the vendors who are requested bid documents.


  • Web-based Administrative Capabilities to completely manage publishing bids, sending out addendum, posting bid results online
  • Vendor can view open Bids
  • View the list of vendors that have requested bid documents
  • Bid documents, addendum, additional required documents can be downloaded electronically
    Awarded Bid Results can be reviewed with complete analysis
  • Vendors can sign up and receive notification on open bids automatically

Product Highlights

  • Government Bid Management System is a browser based application built on a multi-tier architecture providing Government Agencies to automate agency bid publishing, monitoring, and post bid results on the web. This is an effective tool to automatically notify vendors on the upcoming as well as current bids.


  • Ease of use for the agency to publich bids, bid results, addendums, and notifications
  • Secured 24/7 access to Bids
  • Reduce mailing costs by distributing the bid documents electronically
  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Automatic Vendor notification on new bids
  • Increase competition and reduce costs
For more information, please e-mail to:
RadGov RadGov's services has exceeded our expectations in terms of Quality, cost and schedules ----
Sue Biron
(Teachers Retirement Board, State of Connecticut)
RadGov We are extremely happy with the services provided by RadGov's team for our NEDP systems...the delivery was on time at a justified cost ----
James Manners
(Director-NEDP Program,State of Wisconsin)
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