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Media Kit


Capability Statement

RADGOV has written a Capability Statement (421KB) for people wishing to find out about the company. Included in the booklet is such information as the company's services, financial data, strategic programs and representative client engagements.

History of RADGOV

RADGOV's 13-year history is a tale of innovation and insight in an industry that exemplifies change.

Corporate Artwork

RADGOV Logo for PC:
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Permission Statement

Permission for use of photographic imagery in this database is granted only under the following conditions:

  • Each use should be accompanied by the credit line and notice, "Courtesy of RADGOV. Unauthorized use not permitted."
  • Copying of images for further distribution or commercial use is prohibited without the express written consent of RADGOV.
  • No permission is granted to use trademarks of RADGOV, Inc., its subsidiaries or affiliates, apart from the incidental appearance of such trademarks in the photograph(s)/imagery provided by RADGOV.
  • RADGOV reserves the right to withdraw permission to reproduce copyright material whenever, in its discretion, it feels that the privilege of reproducing its material is being used in a way detrimental to its interest or the above instructions are not being followed properly to protect its copyright.
  • This permission is provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Executive Biographies

Press Releases

Corporate Boilerplate

RADGOV combines years of experience building, and leveraging relationships, and building partnerships in the Government Sector, providing intellectual capital, and proven methodologies, through our business model. In order for our business practices to succeed in Government contexts, we have to be capable of focusing resources to provide efficient and economical delivery of the highest quality products and services to the state and Local Government Community.

RADGOV has formed relationships with public sector clients around the world, including many agencies in the U.S. government at federal, state and local level. We leverage RADGOV's global capabilities to support our public sector and government clients through dedicated, organized and client-focused teams. We deliver customized end-to-end solutions for government business, so that the Public Stakeholders benefit from our efforts and dedication to maintain fiscal responsibility.

RADGOV has sustained an impressive growth rate in both capabilities and profitability, and is now positioned to be one of the major contributors in the Government Sector. At RADGOV we are continually undergoing a transformation and reorientation in response to the rapidly evolving needs of our Government clients. RADGOV has depth and breadth of IT services complimented with technical excellence and quality to generate IT solutions for today and tomorrow.

For more information, please e-mail to:
RadGov RadGov's services has exceeded our expectations in terms of Quality, cost and schedules ----
Sue Biron
(Teachers Retirement Board, State of Connecticut)
RadGov We are extremely happy with the services provided by RadGov's team for our NEDP systems...the delivery was on time at a justified cost ----
James Manners
(Director-NEDP Program,State of Wisconsin)
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