Calender of Events

Calendaring and group scheduling products are well established for organizational use, but they usually are limited to exchange of information among users of the same system, usually within the boundaries of a single organization.

RADgov’s browser based Calendar of Events product is designed specifically for local government agencies like Counties to manage events County-wide. This tool helps you track events by department and extends the Calendar function to publish the daily calendars of the county officials.

The Calendar of Events is a secure online source for tracking events that are offered internally as well as the ones sponsored by other Government agencies. Citizens can easily search for Events by using specific keywords and Government agencies can easily feature events.


  • Public can access and view the calendar of government officials and departments.
  • Managers can maintain the events under categories and sub-categories, facilitating grouping of same type of events.
  • Each categories and subcategory can be associated with a government department or special category/sub-category.
  • Web-based calendar administration.
  • Events can be filtered and searched
  • Weekly, Monthly and Daily report generation available.
  • The filtered criteria are maintained over different views.
  • Copy events for quick data entry
  • Create reoccurring events
  • Tracks comprehensive event information to include; Venue Information, Sponsor Information, Ticket Information, URL for additional information, and Complete contact information


  • Share government official calendars with the general public
  • Publish County-wide event information to general public
  • Centralized events management repository
  • Internal employees can view calendar to check availability for meetings
  • Users can be associated with departments that restrict their operation and access to events by department only option
  • Ease of use
  • Custom define categories and sub-categories
  • High level of security
  • 24/7 access to everyone’s schedule.