About Navy Seaport-e

NAVSEA established the Seaport Office to meet the NAVSEA strategic sourcing wedge and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) performance based contracting directive while bringing order to NAVSEA Professional Support Services (PSS) acquisitions. The vision was to provide a faster, better, and cheaper means in which to procure PSS. The strategy developed in October 2000 involved a product line solution containing three components:

(1) Develop and award Multiple Award IDIQ contracts (MACs) using innovative acquisition techniques to achieve the NAVSEA strategic wedge, to conform to the OSD performance based contracting directive, and to bring order to PSS acquisitions.

(2) Exploit existing e-business opportunities and create an automated, intuitive, web-based, e-procurement portal to provide services quickly and easily in an ” amazon.com ” environment.

(3) Create a web site continually refreshing customers and suppliers with new information, opportunities, training, metrics and useful links to associate sites.